5 Trendy Countertops This Year

Countertop manufacturers are always seeking new stone quarries, new honing techniques, original edging designs and innovative finishes. They’re also constantly experimenting with recycled and exotic countertop materials in an effort to freshen up the look of modern kitchens.

Check out this year’s five trendiest countertops.

This durable, non-porous, no-sealing-required countertop material is giving granite and marble a run for its money. Generated by crushing real quartz and adding a variety of other materials like pigments, resin, bits of glass, flecks of metal, or other colored stone, quartz countertops come in a dazzling array of colors and designs. They can be manufactured to look like marble or granite, or they can take ownership of their factory origins by going wild with color, like royal blue or red.

Integrated Sinks
No more scrubbing at the gunk that gets caught under the lip of your countertop material where it meets with the stainless steel sink. No worry about mold growing, either. Integrated sinks use the same material as the countertop to give a unique all-in-one look, reminiscent of the sink-troughs common in a country-style kitchen.

Textured Finishes
Granite, marble, and quartz are generally finished with a polished shine, but there’s no rule that says it always has to be so. Check out the matte-look alike “honed” design which helps hide scratches and pits, a “flamed” finish that roughens the surface and mellows the colors, or a “leathered” finish that hides smudges and water spots.

Butcher Block
Dedicated cooks love wooden, butcher-block countertops that bring a natural, lovely farmhouse vibe to any kitchen. Wooden countertops are also eminently practical for an island space, because you can chop and dice right on the surface. Materials can vary from bamboo, maple, dark walnut, to the eco-friendly option of reclaimed wood.

Composite Countertops
The first wave of the millennial generation is finally buying houses and settling down. They’re bringing with them a strong sensibility of ecological viability. Thus, a whole new category of composite countertops has opened up. Many innovative composite countertops are made of less-conventional recycled materials, like paper, glass, and fly ash (from coal combustion), or aluminum chips from scrap. Combined with a resin or epoxy glue binder, these green options are unique as well as provocative conversation starters.

Kitchens are the heart of any home, and around the countertop is where your family gathers. Fortunately, for whatever you’ve got in mind for your remodel, there’ll be an extensive selection of options for you to choose from.

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