Four Reasons to Install a Stone Backsplash in Your Kitchen

If you’re looking for a simple way to change the look of your kitchen, consider installing a stone backsplash. It’s obvious that backsplashes can be used for decorative purposes—they add a flair of beauty to the space. But what many people don’t know is that backsplashes are just as practical as they are gorgeous.

At Sanford Granite, we know our way around a good backsplash. Many of our kitchen remodels include a backsplash, so we have plenty of experience seeing just how notably these additions can improve a homeowner’s life.

Here are four reasons to install a stone backsplash in your kitchen:


1. It protects your walls.

Messes in the kitchen are no joke, and without a backsplash, you might even find your walls becoming dirty with hard-to-remove grime. But with a backsplash in place, your walls are protected. The backsplash will catch this grime (or food, or liquid) that would’ve ended up on your wall.

Having a stone backsplash in place can prevent your walls from sustaining water damage—and this prevents mildew from finding its way into your space and creating much bigger issues down the road.

All in all, backsplashes are easier to clean than a section of your wall.


2. It’s beautiful and decorative.

Backsplashes can act as an accent to the room if you choose bold colors that stand out, or you can make your backsplash blend in by choosing shades that coincide with the color of your walls or countertops. Just make sure to choose a color that won’t clash with the rest of what you’ve got going on.

With stone backsplash, the options for customization are endless. This is a great way for your personal style to come through, and we can make it happen. Not only will you enjoy looking at your backsplash every day, but the next person who owns your house will too.


3. You won’t spend as much time cleaning.

By choosing a water-resistant material like stone, you’ll spend much less time cleaning your kitchen. You can clean your backsplash simply by wiping it down with a damp cloth. Just make sure—just as with a stone countertop—that your stone backsplash is properly sealed.

Because backsplashes keep the kitchen so much cleaner, this can also help cut down on pests!


4. It won’t stain.

Once again, like stone countertops, stone backsplashes are stain resistant as long as they’re sealed correctly. They will last an incredibly long time and are extremely durable, so you can expect a stain-free experience for years to come.


Your Stone Backsplash

As you can see, the beauty of backsplashes is more than skin deep. If you’re interested in a stone backsplash for your kitchen, get in touch with our experts at Sanford Granite today.

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