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Whether you’re going for a full remodel of your kitchen or taking things one step at a time, replacing the kitchen counter is a great place to start. The counter acts as the focal point of the room—it’s what catches the eye first, it’s the center of the color scheme, and it’s the resting place of countless items and meals. A kitchen counter replacement can instantly turn an outdated or unpleasant kitchen into one that’s welcoming and warm.

There are plenty of choices when it comes to the material that you can use for your countertop replacement, but the three most commonly used are granite, marble, and quartz. These three natural stones are the most popular because they’re beautiful, durable, and easy to clean.

Our team here at Sanford Granite knows all there is to know about kitchen countertops—everything ranging from the materials to the time spent on installation to reasons why you should remodel. This article is here to give you the rundown of all of that information so you can be just as knowledgeable as we are.

Reasons to Replace

You might be looking for a reason to implement a kitchen counter replacement, and there are plenty. The best thing about your reasoning is that it’s unique to you and your family. Whatever the thought process behind your remodel, it’s yours to own. We’ll be there with you every step of the way.

Here are a few reasons as to why many of our customers choose to replace their kitchen counter:

  • Your home will be worth more.
      • You might not be looking to sell right now or even in the near future. That’s okay! But you never know what might happen five years down the road, or even in ten years. With an updated kitchen counter, your house will sell for much more than it would if it held a worn-down, out-of-date counter. If taken care of correctly, natural stone can last for decades. You don’t have to put your house on the market tomorrow in order to appreciate the benefits of natural stone.
  • Step into the twenty-first century.
      • There’s a reason why marble, quartz, and granite kitchen countertops are all the rage right now. They’re aesthetically pleasing while also being incredibly long lasting. The same cannot be said for countertop materials of the past. Out-of-date materials tend to be porous, meaning that they can absorb and trap liquid and bacteria easily. Natural stones, as long as they’re properly sealed, will remain impervious to these substances, making your kitchen a much more sanitary place to live, cook, and eat.
  • Make damages a thing of the past.
      • In most homes, families spend the majority of their time in the kitchen. You gather there, cook there, eat there—the kitchen is the heart of your home. Because so much activity goes on in this room, the countertop is sure to endure some wear and tear. If your countertop is old and made with something other than natural stone, those damages will be pretty obvious. By replacing your kitchen countertop with something that doesn’t scratch, chip, or sustain heat damage easily, you will make your room much more enjoyable.
  • Amp up the beauty.
    • Maybe the kitchen counter that you have right now is structurally intact, but you’re sick of the way it looks. That’s a great reason for you to replace it. A makeover for your kitchen can give you an entirely different outlook on your entire home.

Countertop Types

We pride ourselves in the natural stone that we provide at Sanford Granite. Not only are natural stones beautiful, but they’re also timeless, durable, and will pair well with any theme. Each of our stones come in a variety of colors and patterns, so you’ll be sure to find something that coincides with the vision you have in mind for your kitchen.

Here are the three most popular kitchen countertop materials:

  • Granite
  • Quartz
  • Marble

These three stones are able to be cut into any size or shape, so they will easily fit into the unique design of your kitchen.


Many of our customers wonder exactly how long kitchen countertop installation takes, and sadly we don’t have a set answer for everyone. Each job is different, depending on the size of the kitchen, the type of crew working on the job, and the material of your new countertop.

The running rate of natural stone installation is anywhere between four and six hours, but that also depends on the amount of experience that your installation crew has under their belts.

The Cost

Along the same lines of installation, there’s no one set price for every kitchen countertop replacement. Our team at Sanford Granite is happy to discuss your budget and help you figure out what material is best for your wallet and your home. We can make it work so that you don’t break the bank but still love the end result.

Your Perfect Kitchen

If you’re all in and ready to get started on your kitchen remodel, Sanford Granite would love to help you get started on your project. We understand how central our clients’ kitchens are to their homes and their lives, and we want to make them the most beautiful that they can be.

Give us a call at 321-578-9329, and we can give you a free estimate for your kitchen countertop replacement. We look forward to doing business with you!

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