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kitchen in FL with granite countertops

Large Selection Of Granite

More and more homeowners are choosing granite countertops for their kitchen and bathroom renovations. A perfect focus for any room, they’re beautiful, durable, luxurious-looking, and easy to maintain. Furthermore, because of their unique composition, no two granite pieces are exactly alike. That’s why, here at Sanford Granite, we have team members in South America as well as Europe continually looking for the finest and the most unique stone from all over the world to offer to our discriminating customers in the greater Orlando area.

kitchen in FL with granite countertops

Natural Granite Stone

Granite is a natural stone that is quarried from the earth in large slabs that are then cut into smaller ones for household use. The stone is made of compressed molten rock and contains mineral crystals that are unique to the geography and even the specific quarry area. The light gray veins you may see in your Orlando neighbor’s granite countertop are from quartz. Mica makes black flecks. That pink granite you love is due to lots of potassium feldspar. These and other mineral crystals give granite countertops the unique design and luminous colors that have made this material such a popular choice with homeowners in and around Orlando.

kitchen in FL with granite countertops

Granite Colors & Finishes

Choosing a granite countertop begins with choosing the color you adore, but the options don’t end there. While most homeowners opt for a classic, reflective polished finish, other finishes are sometimes available. You may prefer a honed or matte finish which is less reflective, or an antique finish which has more texture. You must also choose the type of edge you prefer. There are many options, including ogee, bullnose, and squared-off. The option you choose for your granite countertop is purely a matter of style and preference in accordance with your overall design.

kitchen in FL with granite countertops

Can Stand The Heat

Granite is stone through-and-through, created by thousands of years of heat and pressure. That means no worries about putting a hot pot on the surface. The color won’t fade, and neither will the value, so long as the stone is properly sealed and cared for. There’s no possibility of bacterial contamination and it’s easy to clean with water and soap. It’s no wonder that so many of our Orlando-area clients have opted for granite countertops in their kitchen and bathroom renovations.

Got more questions? Come visit us in our Sanford Orlando showroom to see our extensive inventory of the finest granite in a wide range of prices. Our expert employees would love to talk with you about how we can help you choose the perfect granite countertop.


Granite, marble, and quartz are popular choices for countertops in Orlando, but they certainly aren’t your only options. Sanford Granite offers a wide selection of other types of natural stone. You’ll find marble-like heat-resistant limestone, enchantingly colorful onyx, rustic milky-colored soapstone, and room-brightening travertine.

How We Work

1. We receive your request

After you submit a quote request or reach out to us, we receive your quote and reach out to you to start the process.

3. On-Site Visit

One of our team leads meets with you in your home, takes measurements and makes key observations for the project and shares the project details with you.

5. Installation

Our installation team comes on site with all the materials and proceeds with the installation.

2. Estimate

With the information that’s gathered, we provide you an estimate to give you an idea of how much this project will cost and when it can be installed.

4. Schedule Labor

Once you approve of the project details, we start the work to be completed internally such as stone fabrication, cabinet construction, and schedule the installation date with you.

6. Approval

We do a run through of the project and upon your approval officially mark it as complete.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How much do granite countertops cost in Florida?

The price of granite countertops in Florida depends on the size of the counter, the quality, rarity, and availability of your preferred type of granite, and the cost of any add-ons, such as plumbing fixtures and cutouts. The cost of a countertop can range from a few thousand dollars up to $15,000.

What's the average cost of granite countertops?

It’s almost impossible to say what the average cost of a granite countertop is. There are various reasons for this. For starters, there’s no average counter size. What’s more, granite, like many other natural stones, is sold in level prices that include the price per square foot installed as well as the cost of any optional add-ons that you choose, such as polished cutouts or plumbing fixtures, such as stainless-steel sinks. The price of granite is also affected by the availability and quality of the type of granite you choose. You're assured of competitive pricing at Sanford Granite.

What is the downside of granite countertops?

The biggest downside of new granite countertops is that the surface of the stone is porous, which is why it must be sealed properly. If they aren't sealed properly, the stone can absorb spilt liquids such as oil or wine, and bacteria can grow in the tiny pores. It’s best to keep your granite countertop clean.

While granite is heat-resistant, it’s not heat-proof, so you should use cooling racks for hot pots and pans rather than placing them directly on the countertop.

Which countertops are cheaper: quartz or granite?

On average, quartz countertops are cheaper than those fabricated from granite. The only real exception to this general rule is when you look at the cheapest type of granite on the market.

Which is better: quartz or granite?

From a durability and maintenance point of view, quartz might be the better option for you. Not only is it harder than granite, it’s also easier to keep free of bacterial growth.

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