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kitchen in FL with granite countertops

Quartz Countertops For Kitchen & Bath Renovations

Quartz countertops are an ever-more-popular countertop option for our customers in and around the Orlando area. Quartz countertops have the luminosity and color variety of granite—coming in colors as vivid as apple-red, as broodingly elegant as dark brown and black, and as subtle as cream—but they’re also stain and scratch resistant and don’t require the twice-a-year sealing maintenance of natural stone. It’s no wonder that so many Orlando customers have opted for quartz countertops for their kitchen and bath renovations.

kitchen in FL with granite countertops

Easy Maintenance

The easy maintenance of quartz countertops is due to the unique manufacturing process. Unlike granite, which is quarried, quartz countertops are man-made in a factory. Each color variety is made of ground quartz mixed with some polymer resins, color pigments, and often flecks of glass or metal to give sparkle and natural variety. The engineering process produces a natural-stone look-alike which is durable and non-porous, negating the need for frequent sealing.

kitchen in FL with granite countertops

Quartz Is Flexible

Another benefit of quartz countertops is flexibility. The polymers involved in the manufacturing process make the material less brittle than natural stone and easier to handle, especially during the cutting process. Seams between slabs of quartz countertop are all but invisible, without chips or scarring. The slabs can also be cut quite large to accommodate enormous kitchen islands, for example. This quality of flexibility is why quartz is a particularly good choice for countertop spaces that are curving or odd-shaped, as it’s easier to cut and shape this material than more brittle, less flexible granite.

kitchen in FL with granite countertops

Three Choices

If you choose quartz countertops for your Orlando home, you’ll have three basic aesthetic choices to make: Color, finish, and edging. Because quartz countertops are manufactured, the range of colors is broad. The most popular finish for quartz countertops is a polished, reflective one, but matte and sandblasted options are available if you prefer to mimic a textured slate or a honed limestone countertop. Edge options are as varied as any for natural stone, including half-bullnose, ogee, eased, double-radius, etc. If you’re looking for a contemporary, upscale countertop with little maintenance required, or you have an odd space but still want a look of richness and luxury, quartz countertops may be the right choice for your Orlando home.

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