Which Kitchen Appliances Use The Most Energy?

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Did you know that the energy needs of your kitchen’s appliances can account for up to 15 to 28% of your utility bill? That’s a cost that continues year after year. That’s why it’s smart to judge a new appliance model’s value not solely on the cost of the unit itself, but also for its long-term energy efficiency.

Check out which of your kitchen appliances use the most energy.

Washing Machine And Dryer
Since many apartments, condos, and co-ops have kitchens that include a washer and dryer, and these appliances are among the biggest energy-users in any household, it’s worth noting that they can be responsible for nearly 13% of your energy bill. Energy-efficient upgrades to these appliances can make a big difference in your budget.

The greediest common appliance in your kitchen is your refrigerator. Because it runs 24/7, drawing about 1000 watts per hour, your refrigerator’s energy needs represent about 4% of the average American’s home’s energy pie. Keep the temperature moderate according to your model’s specifications for best use and highest efficiency.

Electric Oven
Coming in nearly as power-hungry as the refrigerator are electric ovens or stove tops. Even though they’re used, on average, only about an hour a day, they still draw enough energy to account for 3-4% of your household utility budget.

A daily-used dishwasher is responsible for about 2% of the energy used in your home. Much of the cost is tied up with the heating of the water, so consider choosing cold-water cycles if you want to save a little money. Note that dishwashers also add to your water bill, as well.

Microwave Oven
Microwaves are used intermittently, but they require quite a bit of power. On average, they pull about 16 kwh (kilowatt hours) per month, based on an hour of accumulated daily use.

Coffee Makers
Smaller appliances like crock pots, blenders, electric griddles, and coffee makers pull comparatively little energy overall, due to their infrequent use. Caffeine addicts, however, may want to note that the average coffeemaker pulls 4 to 27 kwh per month.

New, Energy-Star-rated, eco-friendly appliances can save you plenty of money on your utility bill. If you’re planning a kitchen renovation or remodel, consider creating an eco-friendly kitchen by choosing top-rated appliance models that pull less power off the grid as well as save you money.

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