3 Amazing Ways Quartz Countertops Save You Money


Many people use quartz for their kitchen or bathroom countertops for its durable and sleek design. A concern people might have while selecting a countertop surface is how much it costs to keep it in top condition. Thankfully, there are many ways to save money with quartz countertops without worrying about messes or wear and tear.

We’ve compiled a rundown on some of the fundamental advantages of quartz countertops and how they can be efficient money savers for your home. These factors might be helpful for you when narrowing down countertop options that match your preferences.

1. Buyers Do Not Have to Reseal Them as Often

Unlike natural granite or marble countertops, most quartz countertops are artificial, consisting of at least 90 percent quartz and 10 percent other minerals or polymer resins. Quartz countertops aren’t porous and won’t let water seep through their surfaces. Ideally, no cracks means no need for adding sealants.

Most quartz countertops arrive pre-sealed and don’t require resealing to counteract stains. Due to their engineered nature, you can save money with quartz countertops because you don’t need to reapply sealants regularly.

You can still give it a few touch-ups if you prefer keeping moisture off its surface and want additional protection. Quartz countertops won’t chip the same way other stone surfaces might with the right amount of force.

2. They Last a Long Time

Another reason many people turn to quartz countertops for their kitchens is their longevity. These countertops have durable surfaces that won’t chip or scratch as easily as marble surfaces. The average lifespan of a quartz countertop ranges from ten to fifteen years. This number might depend on the manufacturer or how much you take care of it.

Its durability makes it able to resist scratching, chipping, cracking, or staining in everyday circumstances. However, it would be wise to refrain from keeping hot items off their surfaces since their material’s heat resistance might vary.

Since their surfaces aren’t porous, you don’t have to worry about kitchen or bathroom stains ruining their colored finishes. Their artificial manufacturing also gives more color options than granite or marble for people interested in unique patterns or designs.

3. They Do Not Require Any Special or Expensive Cleaning Products

Suppose you spill sauce on your quartz countertop while you prepare an exquisite dinner. Due to a quartz countertop’s durability and nonporous nature, you don’t need to perform excessive cleaning routines to keep it clean.

A traditional soap and water cleaning method should be enough to deal with accidental spills or messes. If you spill a substance with a greater acidity level, it would be best to clean it up immediately. Although they can withstand most stains, they aren’t 100 percent indestructible.

When cleaning quartz countertops, it would be wise to refrain from using abrasive cleaning products. Although many cleaning products on the market have neutral pH levels and protect the counters’ resins, you might find it more suitable to use those for swift polishing.

Another affordable cleaning alternative you can consider is wiping your countertops down with disinfectant wipes that don’t contain bleach. It would also be wise to avoid cleaning surfaces with vinegar to avoid discoloring them with the chemical’s acidity.


There are some great advantages to quartz countertops and many ways you can save money while you maintain their condition. Due to quartz’s durable and manufactured properties, you don’t need to worry about working with fragile materials or stains instantaneously developing. It would be best if you still clean it when necessary, but it doesn’t require the use of harsh chemicals.

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