How to Make a Big Impact With Small Countertops in Your Bathroom

Is your bathroom feeling dull and lifeless? Do you want to make a bigger impact on yourself and your guests without redoing the rest of your home? Maybe you need new small countertops for a bathroom.


While a new countertop may not solve everything, it can add more visual appeal. Then, you can enjoy how your bathroom looks.

Use Quartzite

If you want your countertop to stand out in your bathroom, consider using quartzite. It may not be as popular as some materials, but that’s what makes it an excellent option.

Quartzite looks similar to marble, but it’s more durable. If you tend to stain your bathroom countertop, or you want to avoid etching, the material is great. It can also resist heat and moisture, which is essential for a bathroom you use every day.

You can choose from different colors and designs to make a big impact on your bathroom. Then, you can get your visitors talking about the designs throughout your house.

Go with Marble

Marble is another excellent option for your bathroom countertops. The material is versatile, and it’s one of the most popular choices for the bathroom.

White marble is great for bathrooms because it looks good, but it’s also water-resistant. That means you don’t have to worry about splashes or spills damaging your counter. You can also place your heat styling tools on the counter without worry as long as you don’t leave them on all day.

Any type of marble looks good in a bathroom. While you can’t use cleaners with bleach, you can clean the countertop with dishwashing soap when it gets dirty.

Choose Dark Bold-Vein

If you want to make your bathroom stand out, consider going with a darker countertop. A black countertop can look stunning against white walls and a white bathtub.

But with a dark bold-vein countertop, it won’t be all black. Instead, it will have thin white lines within the material, and the lines can add a sense of personality. The black countertop can hide stains more easily than a white counter, so you can keep your counter looking good.

While you may not want such a dark counter in a small bathroom, it can contrast what you would expect from the space. That way, you can make your guests envious of your home.

Lighten Up the Bold-Vein

Another option to consider is a regular bold-vein countertop. This style has a white background with dark lines throughout. It can be a good option if you want to add some style but don’t like marble or other materials.

You can use it to lighten up the look of a bathroom, which can make it feel more spacious. If you have a small guest bathroom, using a bold-vein countertop can also be practical.

It may not hide as many stains as a dark bold-vein countertop, but certain stains may blend in with the veins. Then, you can make your counter look good for a long time.

Pair with Porcelain

Porcelain is another fantastic material to consider when choosing small countertops for a bathroom. The material is simple and classic, but it can still be visually stunning.

You can combine a porcelain countertop with porcelain tiles on the floor and walls of the bathroom. If you like for everything to look cohesive in a room, that can be an excellent design choice.

But you can combine a porcelain countertop with tiles of another material. Then, you can draw your eye to the countertop, even in a small bathroom.

Choosing Small Countertops for a Bathroom

Are you looking for new small countertops for a bathroom? Whether you go with marble, quartzite, or porcelain, you can make a big impact.

When you have visitors over, they can admire the design, and you can become the talk of the town. Ready to get started on your project? Contact us to see how we can help you make a splash with new bathroom countertops.

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