Little Spaces, Big Impact: Six Countertops That Will Pop in Your Small Bathroom

Small bathrooms can be functional and beautiful by incorporating innovative design tips and space-saving techniques. One easy way to make your small bathroom look and feel larger is by choosing countertop styles that will give your room a pop of character with color and style. Or, let the room give the impression of more open space by incorporating a light and bright countertop. Recycled glass, travertine, marble, and granite will give your bathroom a boost of style. 

Countertop Styles for your Small Bathroom

Try one of these countertop styles to give your small room personality and brighten it up.


Quartzite has the beauty of natural stone but with added durability and color. These countertops are perfect in a modern home with a contemporary aesthetic. They can withstand tough heat, so they work well in the kitchen, but are also perfect for high-moisture environments, like the bathroom. Because of the many color combinations you can choose, they can transform even a small space. 


Travertine is a limestone that comes in neutral colors in the white, tan, beige, and brown families. It gives the room a look of understated elegance and an earthy, natural vibe. Use travertine to make your small bathroom feel airier, but be aware that it can be more high maintenance than other stone countertops. Travertine is porous and can easily stain. You will need to reseal it every few months.


Marble has the reputation of being a luxurious stone, and for a good reason. Marble is elegant, classy, and makes a statement. Polished marble is glossy and reflects light, brightening up a small room. For a small bathroom countertop, go with a white or light-colored marble. You can go with a slab with small vein patterns to give it a look of muted elegance or go with large and busy veins to provide the bathroom with a pop of drama.

In addition to its beauty, marble is a durable stone, and if it is sealed correctly, it will resist water and staining. However, it’s best limited to the bathroom and not the kitchen as it is on the softer side and, without good treatment, prone to stains.


Granite is a strong, durable stone and is always a perfect choice for a countertop. Granite comes in a vast array of colors and patterns to suit any bathroom style. To make a small bathroom look more prominent, go with lighter-colored granite, such as one with a white base and light veins. A monochromatic scheme will also visually enlarge the room, using white cabinets with a white-based granite countertop.

However, you can also use granite to make a statement. Keep the bathroom floor, walls, and cabinets a low-key neutral color like white or cream, and choose a contrasting color or big-patterned granite for a countertop that will make your small bathroom pop. Try black granite with large white veins or a blue-toned stone. Sanford Granite has a large selection of granites that will work for your bathroom – of any size!


Onyx countertops make for a dramatic visual statement thanks to the rare stone’s striking translucency and veining. This can give a countertop stunning contrasts, which can be amplified with well-placed backlighting.

Onyx is an unusual choice for countertops, but it represents ample opportunity to really make your bathroom stand out. While onyx might conjure up images of vivid black, the material actually comes in a variety of colors. However, since it’s a softer stone, it will require additional sealing to protect it from scratching.

To Summarize

A small bathroom may limit your options for storage, but it should not stand in the way of your style. There are so many countertop styles on the market that will enhance your room, visually opening it up and giving it character and color. Go with a bold color or pattern, a light-reflective glass, or keep it muted and monochromatic for an elegant vibe. Most of all choose a countertop that suits your taste and style.

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