Why White Quartz Countertops Are Perfect for Every Sunny Florida Home

White quartz countertops seem to be the latest trend in kitchen decor. They are durable and heat resistant, and they come in various bright colors that will look right at home in the Florida sunshine. Quartz countertops are more durable than granite and just as sleek and shiny. They are great for those who love to entertain, as they can stand up to heavy usage better than other types of stone.

One of the most notable quartz countertop advantages is its relatively low maintenance. It is also nonporous, so it will not stain or chip easily. At Sanford Granite, we are your one-stop shop for white quartz countertops, and we have over two hundred styles available.

Quartz countertops are also great for the modern homeowner because white quartz countertops are one of the hottest home trends due to their looks, durability, sustainability, and price.

Quartz comes in various colors because it is artificial and not forged from the earth, giving it added flexibility with color and style patterns. In this article, we will take a look at some of the various advantages of white quartz countertops, especially if you have a sunny Florida home.

1. White Quartz Countertops Are Durable

Durability is one of many white quartz countertop advantages because they are resistant to most heat levels and are not porous, preventing most staining. This is one of the main differences between quartz and the popular granite countertop.

However, it is essential to note that some substances such as wine or tomato sauce could stain your quartz countertop if not immediately cleaned. This is due to the acids in these substances reacting with the countertop’s resin.

2. Bright Colors

Bright colors are essential to any Florida homeowner; therefore, quartz countertop will not disappoint. Therefore, another white quartz countertop advantage is its bright and welcoming color. Not to mention, it looks absolutely stunning. This makes it an excellent choice for Florida homes, as it has a summery feel and will nicely complement the rest of your home.

Although a white quartz countertop is one of the most popular, other various shades of creme, pink, and blue, earthy undertones are also available if you want a darker look.

3. Appearance

There’s no doubt about it: a white quartz countertop is a beautiful addition to any home. It is sleek, shiny, and sure to turn heads at your next big get-together. Furthermore, because quartz is an artificial material, it has a wide array of colors and designs available, and you are not just limited to the color of the rock, such as granite.

4. Easier to Repair and Maintain

Another white quartz countertop advantage is its ease of repair and maintenance. Because quartz is a human-made material, you can quickly fabricate new material if needed. Furthermore, due to quartz’s uniformity, it is easy to repair a piece that is damaged. If you had granite or any natural stone countertop, it could be much more challenging to match the design while keeping its integrity intact.

5. Sustainable

A white quartz countertop is more sustainable than granite or other materials because granite is taken from the earth and travels long distances to its destination. In contrast, you can craft quartz locally, making it easier on the environment. This is one of the leading quartz countertop advantages, as sustainability is essential to the modern homeowner.

6. Repels Bacteria

Another quartz countertop advantage is its ability to repel bacteria, which is critical to everyone’s health and well-being. This is because it is not porous and will repel any bacteria. However, granite is very porous, and you need to reseal regularly, meaning various bacteria could soak into the countertop.

7. Price

Although quartz is man-made, more durable, and available in a wide variety of colors, it’s priced similarly to granite and other types of stone countertops. Therefore, it is possible to stay within your budget and receive a countertop with less maintenance cost.

Custom Installation

A white quartz countertop is one of the most popular types of countertops in Florida. At Sanford Granite, we specialize in bringing you the very best selection of white quartz countertops. We tailor the installation to each individual kitchen, ensuring we meet all your needs.

If you’re interested in getting a quartz countertop installed in your home, contact us, and we will put you through to one of our highly-trained specialists to ensure a seamless experience from beginning to end.

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