5 Reasons Granite Is a Great Choice for Indoor and Outdoor Kitchens

Countertops play a very important role in both indoor and outdoor kitchens, and since there are so many quality choices to choose from, it’s not always easy to decide. You want something that’s functional, durable, and beautiful—something that will serve your indoor or outdoor space for years to come. 

It can be intimidating to try and think of two different types of countertops that will work inside your house and outside of it. You might worry that what you choose for your indoor kitchen countertop might not be able to last outside, or what you choose for your outdoor entertainment area might look out of place inside.

We have an answer to this conundrum—granite countertops. Granite is a great choice for both indoor and outdoor kitchens for a myriad of reasons: (1) they’re durable, meaning they can withstand the elements and everyday bustle, (2) they’re beautiful, and (3) they’re a worthy investment too.

Keep reading to find out five reasons why granite is a great choice for indoor and outdoor kitchens.

1. Granite is moisture resistant.

While all natural stones are porous, granite is the least porous of all natural stones. It will be sealed by the manufacturer, and this process helps to seal up its natural pores, and as long as you keep resealing it periodically, it will remain impervious to all sorts of moisture.

As an indoor countertop, granite can hold its own against spills and staining. As long as you clean it properly (all you need is soap and water) and don’t let spills sit for hours and hours, there’s no need to worry about it sustaining any permanent damage. As an outdoor countertop, the last thing you’ll have to worry about is your granite countertop getting harmed by weather or the elements. It can withstand exposure to rain, snow, and other forms of precipitation without incurring any serious damage!

Because kitchens tend to be places that see a lot of moisture, whether they’re inside the house or out, granite’s durability makes this stone a prime choice.

2. They don’t chip or crack easily.

Strength and durability are important qualities for a countertop material to have inside or outside. In either place, they can be exposed to all kinds of hazards. Inside, your granite countertop may encounter hot pots and pans or heavy appliances. Outside, the hazards are less easy to predict but just as daunting. They include falling tree limbs, hailstones, impact damage, and projectiles—not to mention everyday wear and tear that applies both inside and outside.

The last thing you want is for your new countertop to chip or crack after installation. If your countertop is damaged, it can’t perform at its top capacity, and it becomes vulnerable to bacteria that find homes within the cracks and crevices.

With normal use, your granite countertops won’t chip or crack indoors or outdoors. And even if something extreme occurs and they do crack, the damage is easily repairable.

3. Granite can withstand heat.

Kitchens are known for hot cooking appliances. Indoors, you can expect to find things like ovens, stoves, and microwaves. Outdoors, you may find barbecues, grills, or brick ovens. And when appliances come out of these things, they’re typically very hot. The good news is that granite can withstand that heat.

Granite itself is born out of very high temperatures and extreme pressure within the earth, which is why it’s able to maintain its structural integrity when it comes in contact with heat. You can set hot pans and utensils directly on a granite countertop without worrying about causing lasting damage.

4. They can increase the resale value of your home.

Some people may be intimidated by the price tag of granite—but it’s important to understand that you’re making a quality investment when you purchase these countertops for your outdoor or indoor space. The last thing that a home buyer wants to do is replace the countertop, so when a granite countertop is already in place, they can rest easy knowing that the material will last for generations.

Natural stone countertops of any kind automatically increase the resale value of the home that they’re installed in—even more so if they are installed indoors AND outdoors.

5. Every slab is unique.

Because granite is a natural material that’s created within the earth, every slab is one of a kind. Having a granite countertop is like having your very own art piece installed in your home or in your backyard, and this is something that many people love about granite.

Your Indoor and Outdoor Kitchens

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