Stone is one of the most popular choices for countertops, and stone has held its popularity for quite a while. Although there are a number of options to choose from regarding countertop materials, many people have their hearts set on stone.

This article will explain what makes stone countertops so appealing and why so many people choose to use them in their kitchens and bathrooms. While we’re at it, we’ll also discuss whether or not stone is worth the investment—spoiler alert: it’s always worth the investment, every single time.

Keep reading to learn more about natural stone options that Sanford Granite has to choose from, what you can expect from the price, the value it can add to a home, and more.

Natural Stone—What to Expect with Price

When it comes to natural stone countertops and price, there’s no one answer. Between clients, remodels, and materials, the prices will vary depending on the project itself.

The type of stone that you choose is a big factor in determining the price. For instance, marble is known for being expensive because it’s a luxury stone. Engineered quartz, on the other hand, is man-made—and because it’s man-made, this puts it at the lower end of the price point. (It doesn’t technically count as NATURAL stone, but it’s very close, as it’s made with 95 percent natural materials and 5 percent polymers and resins.)

From the most affordable to most expensive, the list of natural stone countertops is as follows:

  1. Limestone
  2. Quartz
  3. Granite
  4. Marble

The cost of your remodel will depend on the quality of the specific stone and slab that you choose, which makes it difficult to narrow down the price range. Also added into the price of natural stone are edge profiles, cutouts, and finishes—all of which must be taken into account when calculating the cost of your project.

Your countertop installers and fabricators will be able to give you an accurate estimate when you get going on your project. We can do the same here at Sanford Granite once we know what you’re interested in working with.

Though the exact price of natural stone is hard to pin down, it is more expensive than engineered materials—and that’s because natural stone is made to last. Man-made materials have their benefits, but nothing is quite as good as stone.

Natural Stone’s Durability

One of the main reasons why the price point for natural stone is higher is because it is strong, durable, and lasts for generations (if they’re taken care of in the right way). Complete with sealants, natural stone countertops are resistant to heat, liquids, and scratch marks, which only adds to their lifespans.

Although a natural stone’s long-lasting quality is one of its main benefits, it’s far from the only benefit. Having a natural stone countertop in your home can also increase the resale value of your house should you decide to sell.

Increased Resale Value

Because of natural stone’s popularity with homeowners and remodelers, it’s a big selling point for homes on the market—and that’s not going away anytime soon. Because granite and marble are two of the most attractive choices for countertops (in both kitchens and bathrooms), having them installed automatically puts your home at a higher market price.

Even if you’re not looking to sell immediately, having a natural stone countertop is never a bad “down the road” investment. The popularity of these countertops is not likely to fade, which means they’ll be capable of adding resale value to a home for decades to come.

Resale value is great, and so is durability. But the list of benefits still isn’t over.

The Beauty of Natural Stone

Natural countertops are still a great investment—even if you plan on living in your house forever and never selling. They act as the main act of your kitchen, catching the eye of anyone who should enter.

And you don’t just have to think about guests, either. This is a countertop that you’ll be looking at every day for many, many years—and because of that, it should be pleasant to look at. Kitchens and bathrooms are where people spend the most time, and the last thing you want in those frequented rooms is a countertop that sticks out like a sore thumb.

You’ll never be short of variety when it comes to natural stone, either. There are so many choices when it comes to color, patterns, and styles that you’re sure to find something that matches the style of your remodeled room.

Natural Stone—Your Choice for Countertops

Sanford Granite has a wide array of natural stone options to choose from, and we want to welcome you to the world of these beautiful countertops that can add so much to a living space. For a free consultation and to see what natural stone can do for your home, give us a call at (407) 490-4896.

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