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kitchen in FL with granite countertops

The Perfect Stone Countertop

If you’re looking for the perfect stone countertop for your remodeled or soon-to-be-renovated kitchen, then you’ve come to the right place! At Sanford Granite, we specialize in delivering the highest quality and most diverse inventory of marble, granite, and quartz to our customers in the greater Orlando area. With the help of our skilled and experienced employees, you’re sure to find the perfect countertop stone for your own unique kitchen design.

kitchen in FL with granite countertops

Our Orlando-Area Offices

Your design journey starts in our Orlando-area offices, where you can peruse the materials in our inventory and ask questions about finish and edging options as well as care and maintenance. Perhaps you’ll be drawn to the wide range of color options of quartz, the durability and natural beauty of granite, or the peerless luxury of marble. Whatever material you choose, we have stone slabs with the look that’ll fit your new or remodeled kitchen aesthetic, at a competitive price that you can afford.

kitchen in FL with granite countertops

We Offer Free Estimates

Here at Sanford Granite, we make a point of taking care of the details. We offer free estimates, not guesstimates. After you submit a request, we’ll call you to schedule an appointment to measure the countertop space you need and discuss with you the details of the project. Based on this information and the stone you choose, we’ll give you a written estimate. Once you give us your approval, we’ll begin the behind-the-scenes work of cutting, constructing, edging, and finishing your new countertops which will be installed on a prearranged date, scheduled at your convenience.

kitchen in FL with granite countertops

Unique Color & Design Patterns

It’s true that you can spend days, even weeks, perusing the internet for different countertop stone options, but nothing compares to seeing, touching, and considering the materials themselves. Every slab of natural stone has a unique color and design pattern, so choosing the one that you want requires seeing it up close and personal. So be sure to come by our Orlando-area warehouse to countertop-shop. Talk to our employees about the pros and cons of different materials as well as expert advice on design. We’re convinced that you’ll find exactly you need here, once you see for yourself everything that Sanford Granite has to offer.

We’re very proud of the services we provide at Sanford Granite. With over a dozen years of experience in the Orlando Area, customer satisfaction is our priority. We import only the highest-quality materials, and we provide a warranty for installation. We won’t be satisfied until you are thrilled with your new stone countertops.


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How We Work

1. We receive your request

After you submit a quote request or reach out to us, we receive your quote and reach out to you to start the process.

3. On-Site Visit

One of our team leads meets with you in your home, takes measurements and makes key observations for the project and shares the project details with you.

5. Installation

Our installation team comes on site with all the materials and proceeds with the installation.

2. Estimate

With the information that’s gathered, we provide you an estimate to give you an idea of how much this project will cost and when it can be installed.

4. Schedule Labor

Once you approve of the project details, we start the work to be completed internally such as stone fabrication, cabinet construction, and schedule the installation date with you.

6. Approval

We do a run through of the project and upon your approval officially mark it as complete.

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