Remodeling your kitchen or bathroom is a big project, and one of the most important decisions centers around the type of material that you want for your new countertops.

In most cases, countertops are the focal point of the room. They attract the eye with their sleekness and shine, and choosing the right material can make a room come together. But in order to get the desired effect, you have to choose the right type of countertops—and how should you do that when there are so many materials available?

At Sanford Granite, we’ve got a wide array of natural stone choices (and engineered quartz), so there’s sure to be something that suits your style and your needs.

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We provide exceptional service and competitive prices along with a wide selection of granite, quartz and marble products.

Natural Stone Options

We’re especially proud of the natural stone that we offer at Sanford Granite—and we’ve got quite a selection to choose from.

Natural stone is known for being beautiful, durable, and timeless. Not only that, but it’s also eco-friendly, and each slab is 100 percent unique.


As long as you keep up with the sealing schedule on your granite countertop, it will last for generations. It’s extremely durable—known for being heat resistant, stain resistant, and scratch resistant. If your family is active and busy and spends a lot of time in the kitchen, granite is the smart way to go. It won’t sustain damage easily.

It will also never go out of style, so no matter how long you keep it, you’ll keep up with the trends.


Marble is known for its luxury, which also means that it should be handled with a certain degree of care. In rooms with a high amount of activity, marble is prone to etching—but to some people, etching is an advantage because it gives the marble personality and a life of its own.

While marble may be a softer stone than granite, it’s still a natural stone—meaning it will last for decades if it’s taken care of the right way.


If you’re looking for something especially strong, look no further than quartzite. Its strength is what it’s best known for, which makes it a common material in kitchens that see a lot of activity. You can find slabs that mirror the look of a marble countertop, but the durability of this material outshines even granite.


Onyx also has similarities to marble in the looks department, and it’s known for its standout uniqueness and beauty. As long as you take care of onyx with a gentle hand and due care, it will last a lifetime.


Soapstone is known for its milky appearance, which is unlike any other natural stone. It’s easy to clean, and it’s also known for its striking looks and toughness. But because it’s a softer stone (not unlike marble), it can sometimes be vulnerable to scratches and chips—so soapstone should be handled delicately in order to make sure that it maintains its notable beauty.


Travertine is another natural stone that’s incredibly durable—it stands the test of time because of the way that it absorbs water. And what two rooms see the most water usage? Kitchens and bathrooms, of course, which is why travertine is a great choice for either of those places. Not only that, but it’s capable of brightening up a room with its vibrant colors and stunning looks.


Since limestone is a very porous stone, make sure that you exercise the right care if you want to keep it looking nice for a long time to come. It’s an attractive material that can add an air of glamor to any room—and as long as you steer clear from the acidic cleaners, it’s not too difficult to maintain, either.

Engineered Stone

Natural stone isn’t all we have in Tampa and Sanford Granite—we also have the most popular engineered stone: Quartz.


Quartz is the go-to choice if you’re looking for consistency. Since it’s an engineered stone, there’s less guesswork involved than there is with natural stone materials. It’s also especially durable, so if you have young children, quartz could definitely benefit your family. It also doesn’t take much maintenance—not even resealing.

Your New Countertop

If you’re looking for new countertops in Tampa, Sanford Granite should be the place that you start—we promise you won’t want to go anywhere else after you see what we have to offer. If you have questions or would like to request a consultation, give us a call at (407) 490-4926.


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