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kicthen in FL with granite countertops

The Perfect Bathroom Countertop

If you're like most homeowners, you consider remodeling a bathroom a wonderfully delightful, perfectly-scaled home improvement project. Far less likely to turn your life upside-down than a kitchen renovation, a bathroom remodel offers the thrill of an upgrade in a private space where you can choose exactly what fixtures, tiles, and countertops please you, often without the need to compromise.

kitchen in FL with granite countertops

High Quality Stone

Here at Sanford Granite, we specialize in providing and installing high-quality stone countertops for any room in your house. With a huge inventory of materials, we're always ready to offer what your project needs, whether you prefer quartz with flecks of metallics or glass, natural granite mined in Europe or the Americas, or the stunning gray-veined look of marble.

kitchen in FL with granite countertops

Taking Care of The Details

Choosing a countertop material can be a bewildering process. We carry a wide range of choices in materials as well as in patterns and colors and color blends. Every piece of natural stone has a unique design with subtle variations depending upon where the stone was quarried and the slab's mineral content. Our expert employees are eager to show you our expansive inventory and help you narrow down your choices depending upon use, color, pattern, and your own personal aesthetic.

kicthen in FL with granite countertops

We Are Your One Stop Choice

Bathroom remodels offer unique opportunities for homeowners in terms of stone countertop choices. You're less likely to cut lemons or sit a hot pot upon a bathroom countertop, so certain materials that an active cook may discount for their busy kitchen may work perfectly in their far-less-busy bathroom. Imagine what a slab of elegant, breathtaking marble can add to the luxurious look of your master bathroom. Because overall countertop square footage tends to be small, the cost of this indulgence is unlikely to break the bank. Certainly not at Sanford Granite, where we offer competitive prices every day.

kitchen in FL with granite countertops

Full Warranty On Labor & Materials

The quality of our labor is as important as the quality of our product. We offer free estimates based on an on-site assessment of countertop space needs and your design plans. Once you choose a stone countertop and approve our estimate, we start the hard work of cutting, assembling, edging, and finishing your choice into the durable countertop of your bathroom remodeling dreams. Installation is scheduled in accordance with your project's timetable and always at your convenience. Our full warranty on labor and materials is a statement of our determination to satisfy every customer.

Sanford Granite has worked hard to earn the trust and respect of the good people of the greater Orlando area, who we've been serving with pride for over a dozen years. We're sure that with one visit to our warehouse, you'll feel confident you've chosen one of Orlando's premier stone countertop providers.


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How We Work

1. We receive your request

After you submit a quote request or reach out to us, we receive your quote and reach out to you to start the process.

3. On-Site Visit

One of our team leads meets with you in your home, takes measurements and makes key observations for the project and shares the project details with you.

5. Installation

Our installation team comes on site with all the materials and proceeds with the installation.

2. Estimate

With the information that’s gathered, we provide you an estimate to give you an idea of how much this project will cost and when it can be installed.

4. Schedule Labor

Once you approve of the project details, we start the work to be completed internally such as stone fabrication, cabinet construction, and schedule the installation date with you.

6. Approval

We do a run through of the project and upon your approval officially mark it as complete.

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