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Redeem Promotion

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You’ve found gold! Okay, maybe not gold but definitely another precious stone that will shine more brightly and will have a more useful place in your day to day life. Your soon to be Granite and Quartz countertops will remind you of the time you were scrolling through Facebook and found a way to get them installed for much less than you ever thought. Whether for you or the special someone who will remember you every day the counters shine, you’re saving $200 that can very well turn into gold.

As you submit the form, please make sure to review the T&C on the offer to ensure you’re familiar with the requirements. Just a reminder – the total area must be larger than 50sf (almost all are!), the project area must be ready for install no later than October 1st, and you must be super cool – no exceptions. We’ll discuss it further with you as soon as you submit the form. Feel free to call anytime if you have any questions!